The National Sonata Class made a welcome return to HSC for their 2019 Class Championship. Racing took place over four days (20 - 23 June), and the scheduled 12 races were achieved in conditions that were occasionally quite challenging. The Class Association and the club were fortunate to have the support of Novia Financial as headline sponsors for the event. Novia is an online investment platform that provides Advisers with the investment technology to enable them to efficiently manage their clients' investments across a range of investment wrappers.  Visit to find out more about intelligent wealth management with Novia.

The runaway winner was Steve Goacher in "Eric the Boat". The tussle for second place was narrowly won by Ross McNish ("Old School"), one point ahead of Brian Wiseman's "Virtuoso" which was helmed by Guy Neville.


Mike Forbes and Bruce Benson have kindly allowed Helensburgh Sailing Club to publish these photos of the 2019 Championships. The photos should not be re-used without the permission of the owners. For additional information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

MF - Mike Forbes

BB - Bruce Benson



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