Youshiko 9387 Weather Station Overview

Our weather station needs are very simple – wind speed (average and gusts) and direction. However, a simple unit that only measures wind and can upload data easily and create webpage data doesn’t exist, so we need to go for something more sophisticated. The Youshiko system was chosen to meet our needs whilst also being straightforward to install, delivering live weather data both on line and via mobile phones.


The main display / control unit is installed in the main clubroom on the central pillar as before.  The outdoor sensor is mounted on the CCTV mast at the slipway, giving it the best chance to get accurate readings without any hindrance from buildings or trees. Personal Weather Stations like this collect and automatically upload weather data to both the Weather Underground and Weathercloud websites, free of charge, approximately every 10 minutes. It does so without the need for a PC or other external controller. 

The mock up below shows the webpage page as part of the webcam display.