The interior painting was completed in the spring and the replacement of our lighting - internally and externally - with eco-friendly LED fittings has now been completed too.

Work has also started on "Toast Rack 2" for members' inflatable tenders, with concrete poured on 3rd May. The old Row H has been done away with and new Rows M and N created. The small area of the old Row H used for rigid tenders has been renamed Row L and extended slightly. If in doubt contact the Dinghy Park Secretary, Mike Heath. or the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. An updated Dinghy Park layout chart is posted on the foyer windows along with new Allocations Lists.

Annual Moorings Maintenance is now complete and updated details are on the clubhouse noticeboard and have been sent to moorings owners via MailChimp (18/4). Any queries to the Moorings Secretary  and that is now Euan Morrison who picks up the baton from Brian Robertson.

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Congratulations to Hannah Mills and Eilidh McIntyre on winning the gold medal in the Women's 470 class at the Tokyo Olympics! This was Team GBR's third gold at this year's Olympic Regatta, following on from Giles Scott in the Finn class and Stuart Bithell + Dylan Fletcher in the Men's 49ers.

And a gold medal of her own for Eilidh - daughter of HSC's own gold medallist Mike McIntyre in the Stars at Seoul in 1988.

The Helensburgh area has once again punched well above its weight with great performances from Anna Burnet, Charlotte Dobson and Luke Patience - congratulations to all of them.

Youshiko 9387 Weather Station Overview

Our weather station needs are very simple – wind speed (average and gusts) and direction. However, a simple unit that only measures wind and can upload data easily and create webpage data doesn’t exist, so we need to go for something more sophisticated. The Youshiko system was chosen to meet our needs whilst also being straightforward to install, delivering live weather data both on line and via mobile phones.


The 2021 AGM on 4th November unanimously agreed a revised constitution. As usual there were various small details needing to be brought up-to-date, but the primary motivation for the revision was a General Committee recommendation that the club should be more open to watersports in general whereas the constitution had historically been singly focused on "sailing".

The new remit is aligned to the aims of the RYA nationally, accommodating windsurfers, paddleboarders, kayakers, etc. The only exclusions are in respect of power craft, other than RIBs and other safety / race management craft, in line with stipulations made by our landlords.

It's important to note that there will be NO CHANGE to the conditions and classes of membership.

Here's a link to let you access the new Constitution & Byelaws . You can also access this via the "Governance" page.

NEW NEWS: in the 2021 Budget the Chancellor announced a 180 degree shift in policy:  "the Chancellor has today announced that the entitlement to use red diesel will be maintained for all commercial boat operators and for private pleasure craft users in Great Britain." Quoted from British Marine website, article published 3/3/21.