Dinghy Park: space for up to 200 dinghies, cats and tenders. The Extension Dinghy Park, across the burn, has overflow space for major events + winter storage for members' small keelboats.
Racing: (see sidebar) - Thursday evenings (summer) and Sundays (spring/autumn), starting with the Winter Series in mid-February.

Moorings: 62 member-owned moorings in our area off the club, with space for more. 24/7 tender /slipway access. Our Moorings Secretary can advise - see "Contacts" in the right-hand column. 
Musters: Fingers crossed for more joy this season! 
Racing: Wednesday evenings off Helensburgh, started 20/4/22 at 19.00 - see East Patch Racing - and weekends - see Clyde Yacht Clubs' Association for the latest calendar.

Simple self-timed format, same course as 2021:- Start at Green Cairndhu Channel buoy (A) abeam about 3 boat lengths, then either to new Nav mark Red 6 at RB Marine yard, and Rhu Narrows mark Green (L) Or the reverse. One round this year. For Juniors, Cairndhu to Green Mark at Rhu Marina and back again, timed sausage. Send your time and details to Tim Flatman. Submit as many times as you want. 
The Barking Challenge is still running too. Mark A to the first point of the Sugar Ship, or the other direction Ship to A. Self time again.

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