Spring has sprung and summer 2021 doesn't seem so far away! And in the 3/3/21 Budget the Chancellor announced that the use of Red Diesel would be allowed to continue - see the "News" page. Vaccines and Red Diesel, a heady mixture!

RRS 2021-24: if Santa didn't do the biz with a copy of the new Racing Rules you can catch up on the main changes which are summarised into 9 pages(!) here.

Informal sailing is still constrained to single-handed or "family bubble" limitations. CONSERVATIVE is the key word such that no rescue services' volunteers are put at risk.

Latest RYAS Guidelines (dated 30/4) HERE.  Plus see the Read More below for an update dated 15/4 relating to anchoring and cruising. The situation shows signs of improving by the day. Fingers crossed ...

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From RYA Scotland 15/4/21

The Scottish Government has clarified the position on overnight wild camping which is applicable in its interpretation for overnight at anchor on a boat. Our understanding is that wild camping and consequently staying overnight aboard at anchor is not prohibited under the 'stay local' guidance. Both are however, being discouraged and people are asked to wait a little longer until businesses and other facilities reopen and are able to welcome them properly.

If you are considering overnighting at anchor, please do so responsibly and with consideration for others, the local environment and community and bear in mind restrictions on sharing accommodation mean only your household or extended household can stay aboard. Marinas and moorings remain closed to visiting yachts and are expected to open along with tourist accommodation from 26 April 2021.

On Tuesday, the First Minister has provided an unexpected update on COVID-19 and related travel restrictions. This will allow travel for informal physical activity, but not for organised sport. Travel for organised activity (cruise in company, racing or training) for adults remains restricted to the local authority area you live in.

We suggest that individuals coordinate between themselves opportunities to share informal physical activity. Existing restrictions for meeting others outdoors (6 people from up to 6 households) and physical distancing still apply and remain in place until 26 April.