The interior painting was completed in the spring and the replacement of our lighting - internally and externally - with eco-friendly LED fittings has now been completed too.

Work has also started on "Toast Rack 2" for members' inflatable tenders, with concrete poured on 3rd May. The old Row H has been done away with and new Rows M and N created. The small area of the old Row H used for rigid tenders has been renamed Row L and extended slightly. If in doubt contact the Dinghy Park Secretary, Mike Heath. or the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. An updated Dinghy Park layout chart is posted on the foyer windows along with new Allocations Lists.

Annual Moorings Maintenance is now complete and updated details are on the clubhouse noticeboard and have been sent to moorings owners via MailChimp (18/4). Any queries to the Moorings Secretary  and that is now Euan Morrison who picks up the baton from Brian Robertson.

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