Our lopsided 2020 season has drawn to a close. The Champ is ashore, with maintenance underway, and our RIBs and club dinghies are "winterised".

With vaccine promises and the days starting to stretch again, summer 2021 doesn't - didn't - seem so far away!

Sadly coronavirus has reared its ugly head again and so only solo sailing, or two-handed family sailing, is currently acceptable, both to be EXTREMELY CONSERVATIVE such that no rescue services' volunteers are put at risk. Latest RYAS Guidelines HERE.

Hopefully Santa did the biz with a copy of the new Racing Rules of Sailing 2021-4. If not, try the RYA Rules Webinars or you can catch up on the main changes which are summarised into 9 pages(!) here.

Thanks to all who helped us deliver what we could manage. Our rolling programme of enhancements is on-going - check out the extra Dinghy Park webcams from the "Club Sailing" page - and we look forward to restarting some kind of normality as 2021 opens up.

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