HSC is monitoring the advice from RYA and central + regional/local government and adapting the 2020 plans to fit - as best we can.

What's On:

  • Half a Work Party complete - thanks to Bobby and Allan Lennox - so slipway usable - and to stalwarts who turned out to de-litter our chain-link fence - well done Colin Redstone and Terry & Lindsay Paterson!
  • Moorings maintenance is complete - thanks to Brian Robertson and the DRB team.

What's Not On:

  • Club Racing - scheduled to start 23 April. Cancelled until further notice.
  • East Patch Racing - see East Patch website
  • Junior Training - first block cancelled. Second block (Aug/Sept) to be decided later
  • Club regattas / open events / Challenger sailing / Sea Cadet activity - cancelled until further notice ... and this is happening Clyde-wide and beyond - Tunnock's Flotilla, Scottish Series, etc
  • And note that the Clubhouse is now closed . We are unable to assure anything near to Low Risk for members using the facility. Our apologies - we had hoped to avoid getting to this stage.

The office is now being run by home-working so communicate with us by email rather than phoning. The inflow of Subscriptions is heartening but PLEASE PAY BY BACS as it saves trips to the bank with cheques. Stay safe, and normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.