Our thanks to everyone who responded to the Satisfaction Survey run by the RYA in June. The results for our club are here.

The response level was relatively low (27.4%), but in line with response rates in clubs across the UK (29.6%). We are quite pleased to be well into the top quartile of results, at 87.7% Members' Satisfaction. The UK average was 83.2%. We will take time to examine the results and to learn from them. Our response and Action Plan will be posted here and emailed to members.

What is encouraging is to see that we exceed members' expectations in almost all areas. We do, however, need to find out more about where we fall short:

  • access to water, mooring and launching facilities: this is understandably one of the most important topics, but we can't do a lot about the geography! We do recognise, however, that there are aspects of the Dinghy Park and the slipway which need attention. Work is scheduled for this autumn. Please contact us if you would like to raise any more specific concerns.
  • welcoming atmosphere and making members feel valued: the widely varying uses made of our facilities make a "one size fits all" approach a bit tricky. We do try - but clearly some members feel we could try a bit harder! Again, please get in touch if you have specific suggestions. We aren't exactly overwhelmed with members volunteering to take on committee-related duties, and so please moderate your suggestions to match, as far as possible, the art of the possible.

Participation in a nationwide survey brings with it lots of advantages in terms of professionalism and the ability to compare ourselves with others. We hope that members will see this as a valuable exercise, but also that they will take the time to articulate such criticisms as they have, and play some part in helping us to make things even better.