Some well-deserved recognition for HSC members' efforts:

  • Argyll & Bute Council: Calum Bell, winner of the "Sporting Achievement of the Year" award, recognising his success as noted on this page (link here to the video of the Awards Ceremony)
  • Old Pulteney Maritime Heroes Awards: Howard Marsden and Chris Jones both recipients of OP 10 year old. Hard luck on not progressing to the last three.
  • RYA Scotland Awards: Calum Bell and Chris Jones - runners-up, but worthy finalists.

 For full details of the trophy winners at the Annual Prizegiving on 26th November click on "Read more"

For details of members' results at regattas around the country click on "Read more"

Argyll & Bute Council is embracing the CSH concept being promoted by the Scottish Government and SportScotland - and HSC is 100% on-board along with 15 or more other local clubs. The concept is to find a way of offering joined-up sport within the local community, including engagement with the local schools, and taking advantage of economies of scale in handling common needs in terms of the training of volunteers, interaction with A&B Council,  publicity, etc. A link will appear here shortly to allow you to stay in touch ...