• Autumn Series on Sunday afternoons: started 7 Oct - see "Club Racing" - plus Regatta Class provision for Juniors. Runs to 18 Nov.
  • RYAS Optimist Academy: Sat/Sun 17/18 Nov. Apply via RYAS. Also on 2/3 Mar.
  • The latest RYA News and RYA Scotland News
  • HSC Annual Prizegiving:  Sat 1 December -  more details soon
  • RYAS Laser Academies: 23/24 Feb and 23/24 Mar: apply via RYAS.
  • Opening hours from Oct 1:
    • Clubhouse open office hours only (Mon/Wed/Fri 09.30-13.00) and weekends
    • Bar Hours: Wednesdays 21.00-23.00; Sundays 17.00-18.00.
    • Coffee Club:  Wednesdays 10.30 - 11.30.
  • Junior Training (Mon/Tues evenings) - apply early for 2019 classes!
  • 100 Club: started in 1999, this has raised over £37,000 for club funds ...

Our thanks to everyone who responded to the Satisfaction Survey run by the RYA in June. The results for our club are here.

The response level was relatively low (27.4%), but in line with response rates in clubs across the UK (29.6%). We are quite pleased to be well into the top quartile of results, at 87.7% Members' Satisfaction. The UK average was 83.2%. We have taken time to examine the results and the 370+ comments to learn from them. You can read our Response and Action Plan here and any further input can be made via the committee or to the office.

What is encouraging is to see that we exceed members' expectations in almost all areas. We do, however, need to take action - where possible - where we fall short: