We hope to restart the Musters programme in 2019, with our Facebook page as the source of details - since these change with the weather forecast!

There are 70 member-owned moorings in our area off the club plus 24/7 access for tender storage and slipway usage. Our Moorings Secretary can advise on licensing, registration, and moorings for sale.



Racing is run off the club on Thursdays (summer) and on Sundays (spring/autumn) - see side panel. Beginners are welcome.

Wednesday evening racing off Helensburgh - see East Patch Racing and the weekends - see Clyde Yacht Club's Association.  Links here →

Our Dinghy Park has space for over 100 dinghies, cats and tenders. Our Extension Dinghy Park, immediately north of the club, provides additional space for major events - trailers, campervans etc - as well as Winter Storage for members' small keelboats (contact office for access).

The club encourages learning via crewing, both in keelboats and dinghies. Regular crew are expected to join the club, but temporary membership and "taster" crewing can be arranged. Traditional noticeboard notices will be replaced for 2019 with a Register which will be emailed to those participating. Submit Crew Available or Crew Required details if you would like to participate, or Remove Me if you no longer wish to be included. The Register will be purged at the end of each season.